We are an activism and mobilization network
of more than 200 thousand people that started
in Brazilian cities and is now expanding to
the rest of the world. Together, we fight for
a more just and sustainable common life.

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We truly believe that active and dissident participation in cities is the best path for the construction of a better world. Our actions are always non-violent and non-partisan, impeccably-researched and respect human rights.

We have already won many important victories and we want to win many more!

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The federal Clean Criminal Record Law was a citizen-proposed law that precluded people convicted of corruption from running for national political office. However, when the same law was not adopted at the state-level in Rio de Janeiro, an intense and dramatic campaign that included direct pressure on state deputies through our platforms and last minute vote swaps, guaranteed this advance for the state.

In an already sexist society, we cannot accept that public institutions invest resources to promote gender-based violence. After the São Paulo metro system aired a radio spot encouraging sexual abuse on full trains, Minha Sampa mobilized millions of voices in just a few days and convinced the São Paulo Metro to invest in a communication campaign preventing sexual abuse!

By occupying their schools, students in São Paulo prevented the implementation of Governor Geraldo Alckmin’s plan to reorganize the school system. The Festival, organized by Minha Sampa and thousands of volunteers, united artists such as Criolo, Ceú and Arnaldo Antunes, among others, to demonstrate their support and care for the students who gave a lesson in resistance and mobilization to all of Brazil.

A humiliating, brutal and violent practice impacting primarily the mothers, daughters and grandmothers of inmates, the manual intimate search of visitors to Rio prisons, which included the manipulation of genitals, had to end.  With massive civil society participation, intimate searches were finally substituted for a less degrading and more efficient practice: mechanical searches with X-rays and scanners.

Over the course of a year, a campaign carried out in partnership with Sampa a Pé pressured mayor Fernando Haddad to open part of the Paulista Avenue on Sundays. Much more than a demand for a new leisure area in the city, the campaign was the first sign of the forthcoming successes of the Network in São Paulo and of the construction of a more inclusive and people-friendly city.

Although Recife has had a Bicycle Master Plan for almost 2 years, the city had not implanted a single kilometer of the planned bike paths when Meu Recife launched a mobilization in partnership with a local cyclists association. The campaign received the support of more than 1,200 people in just over 2 months. The group was victorious and the first path in the Plan will be implemented by the State government.

Jovita Belfort is a fighting mother. Her daughter, Priscila, disappeared in 2004 and she demanded the creation of a police unit to investigate her case and others like it. In 2013, in partnership with the NGO Rio de Paz, Jovita created a campaign on the Pressure Cooker which brought more than 15 thousand people to fight along with her. After months of intense mobilization, the Public Security secretary finally created the special unit.

We don’t destroy schools! Especially not one of the five best schools in the state of Rio de Janeiro. For over a year, students, parents and teachers mobilized thousands of Rio residents online and offline to prevent the demolition of the Friedenreich school. Once destined to become a parking lot, the school is still operating today thanks to this mobilization. The community that fought for its permanence now works on other campaigns to improve the city.

Don’t mess with a winning team! Our Circus is an exemplary project that provides support for dozens of vulnerable families in Ouro Preto. When the iniciative appeared on the list of projects that would not have their contract with the city government renewed, the community of Ouro Preto mobilized to guarantee that the children could continue to take advantage of this arts education space.

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